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Because I almost always feel overwhelmed with so many things to pray for each day, I tend to just skip it before I feel defeated. So I decided to seek the Lord and find a way to manage my prayer requests. He has helped me develop this book to guide my prayers each day so no one is left out. I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I do. I have included 6 catagories to pray for each day: Immediate Family Members, One family member (immediate or extended family), A friend, A church concern (groups or committees or staff), a mission somewhere in the world, and myself (this could be my attitude, faith, contentment, as a sister, a mom, grandmom, wife, business woman, volunteer, or any other area of my life that needs attention). I have  included sheets for you to gather these names and issues to pray for so you can transfer them to one day a month.

Start by printing out the file. You will then want to print 15 more of page 2 (the one with the date at the top). Take some prayer and contemplation time (it could be over a full week) to fill out the pages that list days 1 through 31. You will use these to transfer to your daily request pages. I use a small photo book from a dollar store to hold my pages. Make sure it has about 36 available slots for pages. Cut them out to fit into the book. I like this idea because you can change the pages if you move and make new friends to pray for or want to add different things to a page.

Cut out the ACTS page and put it in the front, and the page that reads, "My daily Prayer Journal," at the top. Then add a page a day until you have it completed. I have also included pages for additional concerns that people might want you to pray for. Put these in the back of the book. They can be easily removed and added to.

I hope this helps you with your daily prayer time. It can vary from 5 minutes to an hour, depending upon your day. Blessings to you as your grow in the Holy Spirit and get to know your creator more intimately. Ruth

Please emaile me at for your FREE copy.

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