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Artisan Bread The Easy Way Cookbook (soft cover, spiral bound)


Even if you feel like a bread making dummy, this book will turn you into an instant genius when it comes to baking a beautiful, crusty loaf of artisan bread. The first time I made this for my family and friends, you would have thought I had just graduated from culinary baker's school. They went wild for it. It only took me 4 minutes to put the ingredients together with no kneading or punching. The key to making this bread is the pot it cooks in. You must use a Dutch oven of any kind, as long as the pot and the lid can go into a 450 degree oven. You can purchase an expensive or inexpensive enameled, cast iron one or we have found that you can use a heavy aluminum pot with a lid, stoneware with a lid, or a camp, cast iron Dutch oven. My cookbook contains the basic recipe and then lots of examples of how you can change the flavor of your bread with different ingredients. I show step-by-step photos of the whole process so you can't make a mistake. The book contains both savory and sweet recipes, including ones like Lemon/Coconut, Orange, Jalapeno cheese and garlic, Onion/Cheese, Cinnamon Raisin, Dark molasses, and the list goes on. This book measures 8 1/2" x 11" and is 41 pages of great ideas for making this bread. As the years go by, I will add more recipes to the book.  It has a spiral binding and a plastic cover. Published by Valley Artisans. $15 covers shipping to all US locations.

There is also a CD version which contains both a PDF of the whole book and a Word file, so you can print out individual recipes if you want to. Order under CD version. Happy Baking!

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